Monday, 13 February 2017

Adnams Suffolk Coastal League 2017

Les and I attended the ASCL meeting last Friday at the Riverside Centre near Saxmundham.

Diss Duval will join Shotford Bowls Club, Fressingfield Poachers, Mendham and Huntingsfield in the group stage.  Both Shotford and Poachers will ground share at Fressingfield.  Some of these teams are new to the sport and won't understand the rules fully, so may need guidance from more experienced players (like ourselves) along the way.  In the KO tournament, Diss will entertain Bromeswell Boules Club.  

Leisure boules and resin cochonnet are both allowed.  Yellow/red cards will not be adopted. Out of bounds rule may be different depending on where you play (some new terrains won't have string). Best to check this before the start of the game.  If the pistes are narrow, the jack may still be valid if less than a metre from the dead ball line or wooden surround - again check with their captain.

Most teams provide refreshments after the match but it is not mandatory. However, I suggest that we do.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Results round up

Diss teams - Bloomers (Div 1), Black Cats, Florin, Waveney (Div 3)

Black Cats 3, Winter Warmers 0

Florin 3 , Waveney 0

The Wallies 2, Bloomers 1

Shoulder of Mutton 2, Florin 1
Winter Warmers 1, Waveney 2

Bloomers 1, Wanderers 2

Shoulder of Mutton 2, Black Cats 1
Winter Warmers 0, Florin 3

BCC 2, Bloomers 1

Florin 1, Black Cats 2
Waveney 1, Shoulder of Mutton 2

Other news - Peter Astle has confirmed that there will be 30 teams in this season's Thursday evening leagues instead of 28 (so three divisions of 10).  The two new teams are Ellingham Oaks and The Herrings from Yarmouth.  Also, Gauloises (who now have a brand new terrain at Great Ellingham) have changed their name to The Millers!

Les and Diane (ex-Bressingham/Diss Flyers) have moved to one of the Yarmouth teams.  We are sorry to see them go but wish them well.

Diss have entered one team in the Suffolk Coastal League this year, organised, as always by Simon Fletcher.  The captains' meeting/gathering is this Friday, primarily to discuss rule changes, KO draw and finalise the group stages.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Winter league update

Diss have entered four teams in the City of Norwich Winter League - Waveney, Black Cats, Florin (3rd div) and Bloomers (1st)

Black Cats 1, Shoulder of Mutton 2
Florin 2, Winter Warmers 1
Wanderers 3, Bloomers 0

Shoulder of Mutton 2, Waveney 1
Black Cats 0, Florin 3

Waveney 1, Black Cats 2

League tables can be viewed here...

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Petanque all year round

The Norfolk and Norwich Winter League starts this Sunday.  Diss have entered four teams, which includes quite a few of us that moved over from the Bressingham club.

It is also known that the Diss committee have decided on three teams for next summer. Waveny and Flyers will continue (albeit with some changes in personnel) and Myself and Pat will be part of the third team, mixing it with less experienced/emergency players.

We had some good weather late on this summer, with plenty of events and competitions going on (Les was all over the place).  I managed to play at the Eels Foot Inn for the first time ever.  They have a great set up there with four 'smooth granite pistes' and two others with a little more stone.

A few of us also went along to the '51' Victoria Petanque Club opening of the new terrain near Atlleborough.  The pistes played really well (they had the proper stuff on top, unlike Diss).

AGM looms...

Eells Foot Inn.  Pistes are unusually staggered to fit the space that was available.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Roy of the Rovers stuff

Les Garnier 2, Bressingham Flyers 3

With the match all square at 2-2 and with the scores at 12-12 in the very last game, Les threw the very last boule of the very last end, to win the very last point which gave us the win, which kept us up!  Not only that but we could finish the season in 4th place if other results go our way (will soon find out).  I think this may have been our only away win all season!

Earlier, I rescued a baby frog and a large beetle from the terrain.  There was also a floodlight failure which added to the drama.  As usual, the Garnier team supplied us with a great food selection after the match.

Rumours are going round that next year, players will be drawn out at random to make up the teams and that another seven tons of shingle be put down.  One other person suggested we play in 'skins' as a cost cutting exercise.  Looking forward to the AGM :).

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Still all to play for

Diss Flyers 3, Norwich Blue 2

An entertaining match played in the right spirit.  This win sets up an interesting finale as either Gauloises, Norwich Diamonds or ourselves will accompany The Hunters (who had to pull out) in the lowest tier next season.  Points difference may even come into play.

League tables here...

Monday, 5 September 2016

Waveney take the honours

Diss Waveney 3, Diss Flyers 2

Winning two out of three pairs games wasn't enough to turn this match around for Flyers.

Put simply, two wins from our last two matches will keep us up.  One win might also be enough but would depend on results elsewhere.

Next up is Norwich Blue at home, then Les Garnier away.